Tournaments and Competitions

Rather than try to keep track of all of the events for all of the fencers at the club, we have posted links below to various leagues and their calendars. Most tournaments are listed on, an online database of fencing results. Please be sure to check that site on a regular basis. Email us with questions about which tournaments are right for you.

Competitive Leagues and Conferences
    This is where most tournaments are posted, and the calendar is updated often. If you are a competitive fencer, then you should have bookmarked. The site looks at the geographic coordinates for your computer's IP and shows you the upcoming tournaments near your location. You can also search for other events around the country.
  • Central Coast Tournaments:
    This is a calendar of local events, with tournaments held in Santa Barbara, Los Olivos, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura. The Central Coast Fencing Foundation holds a number of youth events each season, where results are cumulative and an overal winner for the season is named. Most of the youth fencers at Presidio participate in this league. The Central Coast Fencing Foundation also hosts an annual team tournament and a few Senior events that are always fun.
  • Southern CA USFA Tournaments:
    Presidio Fencing Club belongs to the Southern California Division of the US Fencing Association. Check this calendar for information on qualifiers to national events, as well as larger tournaments in the Los Angeles area.
  • Orange Coast Tournaments:
    These are tournaments held in Long Beach, Placentia, and Fullerton. Orange Coast Opens are held almost every month. These tournaments are appropriate for the more-competitive fencers at our club.
  • Southern CA Scholastic League:
    The Scholastic League is made up of middle schools and high schools in the LA area who have fencing teams. Although none of the schools in the Santa Barbara area have school-spnosored teams, we participated as guests until 2016. Proudly, Presidio's high school fencers have won titles in this high school league in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2016!
  • Southern CA Collegiate Tournaments:
    As the name implies, these tournaments are for collegiate fencers only.
  • National Tournaments:
    National events (aka North America Cups, or NACs) and Regional Events (aka ROC, RJCC, RYC) are for the most competitive members at the club. These tournaments are held all over the country, and they are the qualifying path to international events like the Olympics. California is located in Region 4.
Tournament Types and Eligibility
Category Birth Year Requirement
  • Open tournaments require a birth year of 2009 or earlier
  • Div 1 requires birth year of 2009 and A, B, or C rating
  • Div 2 requires birth year of 2009 and C, D, or E rating
  • Div 3 requires birth year of 2009 and D, E, or Unrated
Junior 2003-2009 (until March 2023)
Cadet 2006-2009 (until March 2023)
Youth 14 2008-2009
Youth 12 2010-2011
Youth 10 2012-2013
Veteran 1983 or earlier

Notes on birth year requirements

The Senior and Youth competition seasons run from August - July.

The Junior and Cadet competition season runs from March - February. Some fencers will be eligible for Junior and Cadet events when they are still only twelve years old.